An Internet Marketing Primer

  • By Admin
  • October 27, 2021

Internet marketing is a great marketing opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn and master the principles involved. If a person has a product that people want to buy, a well placed advertising campaign on the Internet will pay dividends.

Everyone is on the Internet, it seems, and getting a small fish to be noticed in the great sea of ??Internet marketers is a great proposition, seemingly hard to beat. However, there are some strategies that overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The key to developing a way to market a product through internet marketing is making the decision to hire someone who is an expert in this area or to learn how to do it yourself. Hiring a company can be expensive and there is no guarantee that the results will be to your liking. Testimonials are only as good as the person who says they are good, and unless you can speak directly to the person giving the testimony, they are pretty useless.

Therefore, if an individual is to undertake this project on his own, he must overcome a learning curve. Learning how to develop a website can be a bit intimidating, but a blog can be started immediately for nothing and the learning curve is small. is a good place to start. They will walk anyone through the steps so they are up and running very quickly.

Next, you need to find out where your market is compared to the competition. The Google Keyword Tool is your next stop on your internet marketing adventure. This tool is free and will tell you what people are looking for in search engines. Since most people use Google, that's a good benchmark to use. So let's say your product is fishing lures. Go to the keyword tool and type "fishing lures". You will see how many people search for that term in a month. Probably quite a few. You should probably limit your search term to the point where you have a good number of users and not too many competing websites. You can try some varieties of fishing lures such as "deep sea lures" or "night fishing lures to catch sea bass".

Once you find a keyword, or keyword phrase that is being searched for 30,000 times a month onwards, and the competition shows weak, then you have a winner. Build your blog around that keyword phrase. Try to incorporate the keyword phrase in the url, the blog title and use it two to three times in the body of your blog description. The blog will likely get a good ranking on Google eventually. This is the main technique for trying to get organic rank on a major search engine. Now you can keep learning by discovering other keywords that rank similarly and blogging around those keywords. When you have multiple blogs that are attracting traffic to sell your fishing lures, you may be off to a good start in an internet marketing business.

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