Avoid shiny object syndrome in internet marketing

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  • October 27, 2021

Internet marketing is about using current technology and trends to create a plan and outsmart the competition online. It takes a lot of research and paying attention to what today's audience is looking for in a particular niche to decide what to include in a strategy. Unfortunately, many marketers fall into the "shiny object syndrome." This means that they are attracted to new buzzwords, trends, and channels and feel like they should use them on their target audience. Here are some things to think about before adding these new concepts to your marketing plan.

While "shiny object syndrome" can be fun, exciting, and unexpected, the problem lies in the fact that marketers who seize the opportunity to use them don't take the time to see if these are things that really matter to the customer. target audiences. Just because they are new and "shiny" means that they are "attractive" and should be used to surprise both the audience and your competitors. This can backfire on the marketer if it is uninteresting to the audience or, worse, prevents them from getting the valuable information they need. Readers will leave sites in the blink of an eye if they can't get the information they need, no matter how "modern" the marketing is.

Consider your current business strategy before trying new concepts. Think about the problems you are trying to solve, how you reach your customers, the number of visitors using your information, your resources, and whether you are considered an expert. If these new concepts don't fit within each of the goals you have for these considerations, your marketing plan, and ultimately your audience, will likely turn against you. On the other hand, if you don't fully understand these considerations beforehand, the chances of new concepts being added to your plan will likely fail.

Don't use new tools just to use new tools. For example, just because a new social media site appears doesn't mean you have to jump to it right away. It may not even be appropriate for your target niche, and when it comes to marketing, your time is precious. Don't waste time on items that won't help your business. Before you start adding something new to your plan, you need to make sure your current plan is already succeeding. Adding something new without understanding why the current one is failing will likely result in failure. Make sure everything is in place for success before you start adding and shuffling things into your marketing plan. Make sure the methods you decide to use are also appropriate for targeting your particular audience. For example, if you are targeting women of a certain age, make sure that whatever is in your strategy is appropriate for that audience.

As described above, as an Internet marketer it is of the utmost importance not to fall into the "shiny object syndrome". You have more than permission to use new things in your strategy, but you need to consider your current strategy, what you are trying to achieve with your overall plan, and whether what you want to add or change is appropriate for your audience.

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