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  • November 06, 2022

Maza-Nation is a social, economic and financial solidarity movement founded and promoted by Hon. Sanusi Muhammad Haruna to rally support for the realisation of the youth's dreams and aspirations without regards to political, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

He is a renowned Nationalist and philanthropist who believes in the ideals of 'let my people live!'

Maza-Nation is very popular amongst the youth in both the core and north central. And the objectives include: 

1. To stand up for studying, practicing and promoting peace and love amongst members for the advancement of the society.

2. To build networks for social solidarity & mutual-prosperity benefits.

3. To encourage sales, marketing and promotion of ideas, products & services amongst members.

4. To stand for one-and-one-for-all in the events of:

i. Naming Ceremonies

ii. Birthday celebrations

iii. Anniversary celebrations

iv. Condolence messages 

v. Season Greetings 

vi. Wedding Invitations

vii. Appointments, Promotions & Retirements.

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