African Journal of People, Places and Events

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  • November 06, 2022

The African Journal of People, Places & Events (AJPPE) is a registered and certified firm with focus on documentaries, publishing and recordings.

We are gateway to the international and African research arenas for Academics, Professionals and Activists with under-utilised, under-valued and under-cited researches, inventions and community development initiatives.

We provides clear, concise and useful resource for information seekers about who-is-who in Africa.

We explore, broaden and deepen the scope of our visibility, contributions and relevance for global recognition.

We are therefore, pleased to crave your interest and subscription for a concise, informative and authoritative profile on the internet. 

With the African Journal of People, Places & Events, you will enjoy increased profile ranking, seamless online presence, unimaginable publicity on social media and Google search engine optimisation.

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