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  • November 06, 2022

BizPlus Explorer is a modern tool for capacity building, self-service, business communication and management. 

It is a comprehensive compilation of templates, business ideas, business guides, forms, checklists, accounting workbooks, legal documents, business plans, applications, job descriptions, staff Policies, proposals and other sundry documents for effective and efficient business communication and management.

You can download, save, edit, copy, paste, fill-in the blanks or export to MS Word/Excel within minutes - all covered by worry free licensing.

Please stop losing money to lawyers, secretaries, accountants and management consultants in the name of professional service fees. You can Do It Yourself with Bizplus Explorer - seamlessly and effortlessly.

Whether you are an employee seeking to START your own business or an entrepreneur who desires to GROW and take your business to the next level or launch another product or service, you need BizPlus Explorer as a tool to ensuring it is profitable, adds value, structured and sustainable with global appeal.

These Templates Are For You:

1. If you can read and write but have no time to prepare business documents because of busy schedules.

2. If you can read and write but lack analytical skills.

3. If you can read but cannot write with cogent and convincing skills.

4. If you want to save time, effort and resources from hiring professionals.

5. If you want effective and efficient service delivery.

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