Society for Safety And Crisis Management

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  • November 06, 2022

Society for Safety and Crisis Management (SSCM) is a non governmental organization focused on matters of safety, security, conflict, emergency and crisis management through best practices.

SSCM helps people, organizations, and the society identify in advance vulnerable points through education and sensitisation on non-discriminatory basis without regard to ethnic, religious, political or gender affiliations.

They are dedicated to providing the expertise and solutions to help people improve and maintain peace and stability.

To imbibe the culture of crisis management, SSCM introduces  attestation for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions:

"I do solemnly and firmly attest that crisis creates injuries, illnesses, deaths, property damages and other undesirable consequences to lives and the environments; I shall never plan, promote or engage in the destruction of lives and property as long as I live; We are better together forever!

So help me God."

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