AL-Hikma Enterprises: An Epitome of Responsible Services in Agri-Business

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  • January 23, 2023

The Consumers  and Sales Choice place for Farm Produces in Kaduna.Al Hikma stands for customer-driven services and morality in business. Abbas Usman,the Chief Executive Officer works round the clock to ensure that customers are satisfied.

Services and Products

  • √ Farm preparation
  • √ Agro-logistics
  • √ Direct commodity sales: maize,soyabeans and guinea corn
  • √ Agricultural product storage
  • √ Consultancy
  • √ General Contracts

Competitive Edge:

A deep knowledge of agricultural commerce and marketing of farm products; ability to provide personalized services places Al-Hikma in the front line of agribusiness competition.

Every agroprenure has something to learn from Al-Hikma,whose business nuggets are built over time.Bulk buying of commodities can easily be transported to any location in the city from the address at the Azikiwe Bye-Pass

Business Address: MG 6, Baking Ruwa By Nnamdi Azikiwe Bypass, Kaduna

Contact Person: Abbas Usman

Phone No.: 08137477036

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