The Northern Nigeria is a beehive of African traditional cuisines, where folks proudly purchase unbranded cuisines which are organic products, yet mostly unbranded; unscientifically prepared. This is why Kanahyas Resources Limited came to bridge the gap between needs, value-addition, nutritional safety, security and customer- focused processing.

Specific Services and products include high quality Foods, drinks and spices: Masa, Awara, Tuwon Shinkafa, Fankaso, Catfish Pepper Soup, Zobo, Ginger, Tigernut milk, Tamarind drink, Yoghurt, Natural Spices, Arabian Tea, meat pie, stick Meat, peppered chicken, grilled fish, Fura and gurasa e.t.c.

More so, event management and catering services are also available at negotiable price.

Powered by Rabiah Muhammad Bello, the founder/Chief Executive Officer, who combines rare business vision with discipline and commitment to treat customer with razzmatazz that elicits aristocratic grandeur and aphorism that "Customer is the king."

Kanayhyas Nigeria Limited is a cynosure that wets the appetite located at M10 Navy Estate Karshi Abuja.

As a vision, it is -enthroned as a shared value by Management staff; "To be at the forefront of reviving our Northern Nigeria culture in order to improve the lives of its people through our taste buds by eating healthy and hygienically prepared foods, natural drinks, snacks and natural spices".

The competitive advantages include abilities to swiftly and responsively deliver Northern delicacies/ Indoor and outdoor catering services in Abuja and environs, in a very competitive and dynamic fast food and snacks market.

Contact: 08067571773


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