1 Billion Reasons You Should Try Mobile Marketing

  • By Admin
  • October 27, 2021

If you run an online business, you've certainly tried article marketing, banner advertising, email marketing, and guest blogging. However, if you really want to scale your business, then it is time for you to invest some time to understand why mobile marketing could be the way to go for your future promotional needs.

What is mobile marketing?

Simply put, it is the ability to market ads to people using mobile devices. For example, when searching the web, you might come across a website. At the bottom of the page there is a small ad. Clicking on the small banner ad will take you to the advertiser's landing page.

This type of marketing allows advertisers to communicate and interact with their target audience in an intuitive, interactive and highly relevant way. In my opinion, one of the key benefits of mobile marketing is targeting. You can choose to target your ads only to men, in Canada, between 30 and 50 years old. Upload your ad and that population will immediately find out what you have to offer.

There is nothing better than being able to stand in front of your crowd with a clear message. Usually, in advertising, customers are persecuted. With this new advertising school, you no longer have to wait to get the ideal client.

Before continuing, I would like to point out something else. Mobile marketing is done on mobile or smart phones and wireless handheld devices. What are portable wireless devices? Typically you would think of Samsung tablets, iPads, or netbooks. However, just keep in mind that the focus of mobile marketing is on the mobile phone and the smartphone.

Why market to mobile users? Well, there are about seven million people around the world. For some people, the mobile phone is more important than a toilet. Only four and a half billion people have access to a bathroom, but six billion people have access to mobile devices.

Is mobile marketing a good business decision?

I would say yes. As I already mentioned, there are billions of potential customers waiting for you to sell your products and services to them. Also, if your competitors haven't tried mobile marketing, it's only a matter of time. So why not get ahead of them and gain a huge market share?

We live in a current society. With this type of marketing campaigns they are easy to create. Your messages are delivered to recipients in seconds. It can reach people from all over the world.

People carry their mobile phones with them all the time. When they go to bed at night, most people check their phone one last time before placing it on the bed stand. Your message is always within reach of your customers. Like it or not, mobile is the future and, for a limited time, it has the least amount of competition for online users. However, this is not going to last. According to recent surveys, money spent on mobile marketing is expected to double every year for the next several years.

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