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Do not underestimate the power of search engines when it comes to sales, marketing and promotion of your ideas, researches, inventions, products and services.
This is because your success in digital marketing begins with an impressive and optimised profile that expresses your identity, authority and competitive advantage.
When prospects come across your products or services on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, they turn to Google to verify and confirm your identity to see if they could trust you with their debit cards.
If you show up with proper content or a message, your audience will understand that there are real humans behind the curtain.
Are your products, services and brand name indexed for search engine optimisation? What is your current rating, review or ranking in search results?
Take for example, Google alone processes 3.5 billion searches per day, making it extremely likely that you will find a potential pool of people interested in your business.
According to Bloomberg, "84% of people trust online profile reviews as much as a personal recommendation."
You can take advantage of search engines to increase your visibility and popularity:
We can help you to set up a 5-Star-custom profile, publishing and indexing to enhance your online search results.
We understand the tips, techniques and dynamics of Search Engine Marketing.

This offer will:

  • Spell and define your products, services and competitive advantage.
  • Establish your identity and authority in your line of business.
  • Increase your features, visibility and popularity in Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, Daum, Naver, and Sezam.
  • Increase your brand ratings, reviews and ranking in search results.
  • Increase your sales, marketing and promotions.
  • Increase your market shares, get more revenues and prevents outright relegation by competitors.
  • Enjoy syndicated publication in both Webbify Media and Press Center and in the African Journal of People, Places and Events (AJPPE).
  • Calibration of profile with meta title, meta description and meta keywords for search engine optimisation.
  • Enjoy independent and dedicated links to your business profile.

We have helped hundreds of ideas, researches, inventions, products and services to generate traction through robust profile development, publishing and cataloguing.

Under the African Webification Project, we are offering 98% discount for interested entrepreneurs.
Take advantage of this offer to grow your visibility and popularity in search engine results.
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